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    Tongling Huayuan Automotive Interior Material Co., LTD
    Add£ºNo.289, Southern Taishan road, Tongling economic and technology zone,  Anhui, China.
    General office: 0562-2177552
    Executive Deputy General Manager: 0562-2177518
    (plate) sales manager: 0562-2177118
    (interior decoration) Business Manager: 0562-2177298


    Interior decoration products of the company
    1¡¢the Scale of production

    The company has the leading level of the technology of the production equipments   in the domestic region, a high automation degree of the equipments and advanced product quality control. The annual capacity of the company is 300,000 sets of automotive interior decoration.    



    The production equipment

    The production equipment


    2¡¢the development ability about products

    The company has cultivated a strong technical team, including 28 engineering technicians, three senior engineers and two senior technicians. Those team members can not only use to realize the technical communication but also complete the processes of production efficiently and accurately. The development cycle of products is 20 days in the company and the company can realize the small batch loading in 60 days.
    3¡¢development and innovation ability

    The company has acquired 6 practical new-type patent and 1 invention patent. The applications of these patents have promoted the technology level of the company and improved the quality of the products and the performance of the company. The molds, which have a longer service life and can generate products that have a more clear outline and a more stable size, is the result of applying ¡°resin mold used to mold automotive interior decoration parts¡±. This revolution improved the quality of the products and reduced the cost of the mould. This application has a significant implication for interior decoration parts manufacturing compared by traditional mold, as it not only enhances the quality of interior decoration parts, but also saves the costs of mold, therefore reduces the costs of interior decoration parts manufacturing and create more value for the Automobile factory.
    4¡¢The applications of the products

    The company once has installed interior panels for Nanjing Automobile Group, heavy truck interior side boards, front ceilings, back ceilings and middle ceilings for JAC .The company also supplies various interior decoration parts for the following companies: Hualing Automobile Co., LTD, Dandong Yellow Limited Liability Company, JAC Bus Co., LTD and Zhongtong Coach Holdings Co., LTD.

    The company always sets ¡°To win the customers¡¯ most satisfaction with zero defects¡± as the principal of management. All staff in the company dedicates themselves to the services, the technical and management development, costs reduction to satisfy customers with the best products, services and the lowest price.


     The car front door trim panel

    The back door trim panel



    The truck front ceiling

    The truck back ceiling



    The truck ceiling

    The truck ceiling



    The bus front ceiling 

    The bus column



     The truck ceiling loading state

    The bus ducts for air conditioning loading state

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